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About Us

We provide research-based small-group surf therapy programs for all who want to find their therapeutic and restorative belonging in Mother Ocean's waves together. Participants will engage in  holistic and Inegrative  therapy activities to promote  mental health awareness, mindfulness, ocean conservation, self-love, sea-love, and community.

Our Program

About The Program

Our surf therapy programs are designed to support and encourage the development of your continuous personal ocean practice. We will explore integrated therapy and individual surf goals, including mindfulness, gratitude, and healing our relationship with self, others, and the ocean. Surf therapy sessions will assist and support you in building resilience and deepening your knowledge of the ocean, surfing, waves, and equipment. We will have weekly homework to incorporate on land what you are learning throughout sessions. Working together, we will support and assist you in creating your surf practice to ride these waves of life. 


Who is this program for?

Our sessions are designed to meet each individual where you are and support your interests in diving deeper into waves of wellness, sea love, and self-love! We've partnered with Surf School Santa Cruz to help more people experience the unique therapeutic effects of the ocean. New, exciting opportunities include personalized one-on-one sessions and small surf therapy groups for our special needs community. Our staff is thoroughly trained and ready to ensure each individual’s needs are met, all while spreading the stoke that the ocean brings. Join us at Cowells Beach.

About The Facilitators

Sessions are hosted by two facilitators, a Surf Therapy Facilitator, a Board-Certified therapist, and a Surf Safety Facilitator, a certified surf instructor who has gone through our Surf Therapy Training. Their goal is to hold the highest level of physical and psychological safety for all participants; that way, they can dive deep in the waves, surf, wipe out, and keep paddling out again.


"Surf Therapy is Awesome! I found a heart-shaped rock with many stones on it during my mindful walk on the beach. The rock reminded me to accept the loss of my granddaughter! But to also remember the ones who are still with us. It taught me to stay in the present! And for that, I thank Jody and Will for sharing surf therapy with this community"

-Annette W.


Program Details

Join us for the upcoming 

4-week Group session

at Cowell Beach.


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